dave james of swindon - singer, songwriter

£ 2.99

The Journey 2 ** NEW RELEASE **
The Journey2 (full version) [4:40]
Sorry My Love [3:34]
Cloudburst [4:05]
The Journey2 (radio version) [3:25]

£ 5.00

Best of Dave James of Swindon

Hi fans. This is the latest from the Dave James of Swindon press room. It's here! Dave james of Swindon "Best Of", especially for you!

A must have Christmas present for Dave James fans or a cheap present for those who would probably never buy this record (God, I am desperate for fans). 20 tracks including singles, a steal at £5 inc P&P.

£ 6.00

Willing and Able
Willing And Able
I Suppose

£ 6.00

A Songwriter's Offering
Wheels Go Round
All I Want
Things Can Change (Mr James)

£ 6.00
Free Love
Fat Content
Will She Ever
Click here for a free download of 'Will She Ever'
Please Don't Laugh